A selection of photos taken by Hanri Shaw and Cressida Murray during Act Two technical rehearsals.

Comments from audience members:

"The show was truly dazzling - there were tears in our eyes if not streaming down our faces.... We had family staying with us so that they could come and watch - so their 6 hour drive was certainly worth it!"
Louise Pilkington

This is just a short note to say how beautiful last night's show was - and your speech summed it up so well, a big family, the warmth and friendships in the room were tangible!
The performances were breath taking and very, very touching - all children sparkled!
You can be very proud of your school, the teachers and the students - YOU ARE A TOP TEAM!
The professionalism and perfection of your productions never fail to astonish me, but then I should not expect anything less from you and Lianne.
Barbara Gerding – Mum of former pupil, now in her 4th year at White Lodge, The Royal Ballet School.

I wanted to send you my personal thanks for the energy and commitment you put in to making the Little Mermaid show a truly spectacular event. I can't even being to imagine how you organize so many students to dance so beautifully, and to create such a stunning performance. It really was something special, and so great for my girls to be involved with - they have come away with the feeling of belonging to something really good, and they are very inspired to continue to progress.
Fran Witt (Lottie, Sasha and Elsa’s Mum)