"My daughter (now 11) has been going to Turning Pointe for over a year. She currently attends ballet (one group and one private lesson), modern and musical theatre classes. This is the fourth dance school she has attended and is both her and my favourite. She loves the four different teachers she has, the other children in the classes are lovely and she has come on amazingly well in the year she has been with them .She loved the week-long dance camp Turning Pointe ran in Summer 2022 and I loved watching the show they produced at the end. She is really excited about the show Turning Pointe are putting on in April 2023, and was delighted to have the opportunity to audition for acting, singing and dancing parts, as well as the group dances she is taking part in.

From my perspective, Turning Pointe are really responsive to emails and have been really helpful about progressing my daughter through the grades - they are rigorous about only putting children for exams if they are ready (as evidenced by the fact that children that took recent RAD ballet exams got many merits and distinctions!), but are happy to be flexible if your child is willing to work hard."

Ingrid Marson, parent of student aged 11

"Our daughter has danced with Turning Pointe for the past three years. She absolutely loves it! The classes are well structured and she has progressed really well. She has made so many friends and loves that she always has so much fun and laughs a lot when she is there. All of the teachers and support staff are great and when our daughter went through an illness the support from them all was amazing. Highly recommend Turning Pointe, you will not be disappointed!"

Sarah-Jane Brophy, parent of student aged 17

"I absolutely love my classes with Lianne, adult ballet and tap are really great and enjoyable. It is a lovely group of people in the class, and Lianne encourages us but keeps it fun and free! I have danced with Turning Pointe for over 20 years and really enjoyed every class and teacher, from children's classes to teen and adult. Would 100% recommend Turning Pointe!"

Laura Gardner, adult student

"Ruby recently joined contemporary with Miss Abbie and sitting outside in the waiting room I’ve never heard so many giggles! Ruby is always enthusiastic to join all of her dance classes and always comes out afterwards with the biggest smile."

Sarah Hyde, parent of student aged 12

"Thank you so much for teaching me Ballet - I have really loved all the years I've spent doing ballet with Turning Pointe. The picture I have drawn is of me and my friends having a fantastic time dancing in class while you are teaching us the best ballet probably no other ballet teacher could provide. Thank you so much again and again and again."

Agnes (aged 10)

"WOW!! indeed. I didn't think the performance could be any better than at the Martlets but Saturday was perfection. The exquisite costumes, beautiful setting, balmy summer evening coupled with your stunning choreography made for a special gift. I will never ever forget the experience. Watching your beautiful dancers light up the setting and emerge from the trees was amazing.

I was so proud of Lydia who has always said to me she feels happiest and most alive when she is dancing. Thank you for growing her talent and ability and pouring so much into her and allowing her to light up. Again I just pay tribute to your vision, hard work, your pursuit of excellence and the gift you give to your pupils. Thank you"

Nicky Powell

"As I said it was a magical evening. I cried at the part where we clapped if we believed in fairies... a truly beautiful memorable evening of dance and music."

June Sheehan (audience member)

"Thank you so much for everything you have taught me. I heard something yesterday that made me think of you - 'Children are born with wings, teachers help them to fly'. I hope all my teachers at Laban are like you."

Alice Jordan (pupil for 10 years)

"There are some people who make dreams come true - one of those people is most certainly you!

Shirley Rabe (pupil for 7 years)

"Last evening was a very special one for Sally's mum Barbara and me. The show was magical. The setting was so beautiful and the way you used it was remarkable. It was a massive credit to you and your team. I still cannot believe how you instil such confidence in your pupils that they can be so at ease in a challenging setting.

Thanks for all the things you've done for our girls. Ballet has become a big part of Anna and Lucy's lives, and ours, and I felt last night, as I have a lot recently, that the friends Sally and the girls have made through your school are a huge support to us. I would never have dreamt this all those years ago when Anna joined your lovely Ballet school."

Steve Mitchell

"I can't thank you enough for the opportunity and for believing in me for the role of 'wicked stepmother'. It was down to your coaching and support that I began to believe in myself and what I could do."

Emily Large (pupil for 10 years)

"I can't even imagine my life without ballet. You have been such an amazing teacher and principal of the school. Thank you for all the coaching and guidance you have given me to become a better dancer. I have loved working towards the exams and productions you produce, they really are incredible and it's amazing to be a part of it. You are a wonderful teacher and I can't imagine not coming to your class every week! I will miss Turning Pointe and I will miss you too. Thank you for everything"

Laura Allsobrook (pupil for 12 years)

"How could we ever have known that a small Angel Gabriel dance in church would result in meeting someone as wonderful as you, who would change our lives so positively and so completely! Your love and dedication to dance and the children cannot be surpassed and has kept us both enjoying the whirlwind that has been the last 3 years. Your professionalism and enthusiasm has resulted in magnificent performances and experiences; we and all the children owe you so much and this effort will never be forgotten"

Carmel Keller

"I just wanted to say well done for a truly fabulous show on Saturday. I thought it was superb - just beautiful and a real credit to you Julia for having the vision for such a production. The children rose to the challenge with true professionalism and looked like they had been performing at Wakehurst Place all their lives! I thought Mrs Fyles' costumes looked even more stunning in the park's setting.I will treasure the magical memory of Peter Pan in the Park for the rest of my life!"

Deirdre Daly

"Your enthusiasm for teaching and performance is unique - your love of dance has helped fuel mine and the fact that you trusted me with this role means the world."

Shirley Rabe (pupil for 7 years)

"It's what dreams are made of"

Helen Malik (Mum of Sophia aged 3)

"Thank you again for bringing your amazing event to Wakehurst, I was so excited to see it happen and all fall into place. I have to say that we all very much enjoyed it.... the little ones were so sweet and nearly had me in tears!!!"

Katie Ratcliffe, Wakehurst Place.

"Congratulations on another stunning production. The whole performance was first class. I am always left speechless at the high standard you achieve. I don't know how you achieve such quality but I thank you that you do. You offer the children memorable, deep experiences they will never forget. The role model you and the older pupils provide is so significant. Thank you for the effort, hard work and magic you put in."

Nicola Powell

"I really want you to know how much these productions mean to us - for me it's a chapter in my girls development, I get enormous joy in watching all those children develop into beautiful confident adults. I love the whole thing!"

Sally Mitchell

What a stunning production. Your hard work, dedication and bucket loads of enthusiasm are such an inspiration. Thank you, not only for such a beautiful production, but for giving Shirley the opportunity to dance her dream role and for all you have invested into her - we are forever grateful!

Mary-Anne Rabe

"Thank you for always supporting me - your belief in my ability means an awful lot..... Thank you for teaching me to dance from my heart."

Becca Hersey (pupil for 12 years)

"I love ballet and I want to be a ballet teacher just like you when I grow up!"

Lily Bowker-Wright (aged 10)

"Once again many congratulations to both you and Amanda for Cinderella. It was an absolute joy to watch. I am forever grateful for the wonderful experiences and opportunities that you have given to Lizzie, but most of all the experience of learning Ballet through a teaching approach that combines fun, discipline and skill - not an easy combination to achieve but you most definitely manage it......The quality of your teaching, direction and production is outstanding!"

Sue Jay